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Complete Orthopedic Services Inc. is a growing practice with established offices in the NY Metro Area and LI. We are looking for energetic CPOs, CPs, COs for an exciting opportunity to work in a fast pace environment.

A potential candidate must be self-motivated with a strong clinical background and who is an advocate for excellent patient care.

Responsibilities:• Collaborate with physicians in the evaluation and analysis of a patient’s need for prosthetic and/or orthotic services; recommend treatment options to physicians when necessary. • Examine and evaluate patient needs in relation to disease and functional loss. • Formulate design of prosthetic and/or orthotic devices. • Select materials, make cast measurements, model modifications, and layouts, taking into account new techniques and materials. • Perform fitting, including static and dynamic alignments. • Evaluate prosthetic and/or orthotic device on patient, adjust to assure fit, function, medical efficacy, and quality of work.• Instruct patient in use of prosthetic and/or orthotic devices. • Identify and reconcile issues/problems to ensure patient satisfaction with devices provided. • Provide follow-up with patients and physicians.• Adhere to all safety regulations; compliance with Medicare and other governmental regulations; compliance with bloodborne and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. • Perform other duties or special projects as assigned. • Repairing and/or modifying prosthetics and or orthotics based upon patient needs. • Preparing extremely comprehensive clinical notes and documentation in a prompt and organized manner. • Compliance with all policies, procedures, and regulations.• May be asked to perform on-call, hospital calls, or float between more than one locations, in NY Metro Area and LI.

Qualifications:• Current board certification in Prosthetics and/or Orthotics from the American Board for Certification (ABC) or the Board of Certification (BOC)• A valid driver’s license • May be willing to consider candidates who are certified in one discipline who wish to see patients in their certified discipline while simultaneously completing a residency in the other discipline. • May be willing to consider candidates who are not certified or board-eligible but have at least 5 years of demonstrated past experience in providing prosthetic and/or orthotic services under the supervision of a certified clinician

Our Investment in You:

• Competitive salary. • Competitive health and insurance benefits. • Paid vacation and sick time.

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